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Wound Bed Preparation:
The Whole Patient Approach

Presenter: Dot Weir, RN, CWON, CWS

Patients with wounds present to multiple health care providers across a multitude of practice settings. It is vital for all health care providers who encounter wounds to have an understanding of wound bed preparation. This program will describe work that has been done to expand on existing models of wound bed preparation using a step-wise method in a practical approach to incorporate into day-to-day practice.


TIME for Patient-Centered Wound Care

Wound bed preparation is essential to patient-centered wound care. Early, appropriate, and aggressive interventions, including the TIME model of wound bed preparation, help facilitate the wound healing trajectory and avoid wound chronicity. This guide describes the components of the TIME model of wound bed preparation as well as how health care professionals can apply the five principles of wound care to the selection of an appropriate wound dressing suited to the specific needs of their patients.


Quick Facts – Wound Bed Preparation

Download Quick Facts – Wound Bed Preparation and share it within your facility. This two-page fact sheet was created to support staff education on on the principles of wound bed preparation. The print-friendly format is perfect for posting on the bulletin board or distributing to your nursing staff at in-service.


How Much Do You Know About Wound Bed Preparation?

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Terms to Know: Wound Bed Preparation

Bioburden: In wound care, this refers to the number of microorganisms that contaminate the wound bed.

Biofilm: This is made up of complex microbial communities containing bacteria and fungi. The microorganisms synthesize and secrete a protective matrix that attaches the biofilm firmly to a living or non-living surface.


Understanding the Wound Bed Preparation Care Cycle

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Identifying Wound Healing Barriers by Utilizing TIME

The concept of wound bed preparation has been utilized and accepted for over two decades. Regardless of the duration of wound management protocol use, studies…

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Wound Bed Preparation and the Whole Team Approach

The prevalence of non-healing wounds is a challenge and concern for all levels of health care professionals. Clinical evidence has proven that using a multidisciplinary…

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Wound Bed Preparation Treatment Selection Strategies

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Wound Bed Preparation

Evidence-based wound bed preparation is vital to encourage wound healing. Watch this brief overview video to learn more about TIME and the educational resources made available on wound bed preparation during this month’s Practice Accelerator program.

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