Types of Wound Dressings: Features, Indications and Contraindications

Types of Wound Dressings White paper
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When treating a wound, health care professionals have many choices for dressings. Selection of the appropriate dressing for a patient’s wound is not always straightforward. Factors to consider in selecting a wound dressing include the type of wound you are treating, the properties of specific dressings, and the individual patient’s needs, history, and environment.

This guide is an overview of currently available wound dressings by category. Each dressing type includes useful and clearly presented information on general features and attributes, indications, and contraindications.

The following topics are discussed:

Considerations in dressing selection
A brief description of the composition and applications for the different wound dressing categories
An overview of the indications, contraindications and warnings of each wound dressing category covered

Health care professionals who care for patients with acute and chronic wounds will find this guide to be a helpful resource for navigating the wide array of dressing types available and choosing the best dressing for each specific wound and patient.

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