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Quick Facts - Woundologist Facts

Quick Facts - Woundologist Facts
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A woundologist exhibits expertise in the field of wound care management by demonstrating knowledge and skills. Patients benefit from this combined knowledge and expertise of wound care specialists for both physical and mental healing.

For health care providers considering wound care certification, factors such as eligibility, required experience, employer preference, and accreditation or nonaccreditation all play a role in determining which certification is the best fit. Health care professionals who pursue wound care certification will be entering a high-demand field, both challenging and rewarding.

Health care professionals interested in a career in wound care will find this fact sheet helpful because it contains information on certification and on other educational resources available for wound care providers. The following subjects are covered:

Woundologist definition
Types of certification
Certification preparation courses
Continuing education credits
Resources for wound care education
Benefits of patient education

Download Quick Facts – Woundologist Facts for the staff at your facility. With its print-friendly format, it is ideally suited for bulletin board posting, as well as for distributing at your next in-service.

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