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Quick Facts - Wound Bed Preparation

Quick Facts - Wound Bed Preparation

Wound bed preparation is a comprehensive approach to wound care with an emphasis on an optimal healing environment created by identifying and removing potential obstacles to healing. These obstacles include infection, nutritional deficiencies, mobility and vascular issues, pain, stress levels, patient compliance, and lifestyle choices.

When preparing the wound bed for healing, wound care providers have numerous tools at their disposal, including the TIME framework and its modifications, debridement methods, and numerous dressing types. Thorough assessment of both the patient and the wound is the foundational first step in any wound care plan. Essential issues to consider in wound bed preparation are tissue management, infection or inflammation, moisture balance, the edge of the wound, and the periwound.

This fact sheet reinforces wound care best practices in relation to wound bed preparation. Health care professionals will appreciate this concise summary of holistic wound bed care, beginning with patient assessment and progressing through the phases of healing, including how to handle setbacks in wound healing. Here is a sample of the topics included:

Prevention and assessment strategies
Risk factors for wound chronicity
Comorbidity management and lifestyle modifications
Debridement indications and contraindications
Epibole formation and management
Benefits of patient education

Download Quick Facts – Wound Bed Preparation to share with colleagues in your facility. The print-friendly format lends itself to posting on the bulletin board or handing out to your nursing staff at in-service.

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