Quick Facts - Pressure Injury/Ulcer Prevention

Quick Facts Pressure Ulcer Injury Prevention

Pressure injuries and ulcers are common chronic wounds that adversely affect patients’ lives and are costly to treat. It is incumbent on wound care professionals to be aware of the risk factors for pressure injuries and ulcers, ideally to prevent these wounds or to treat them if they occur.

Wound care professionals and their patients benefit from having the latest tools and information on pressure injuries and ulcers, including optimal assessment techniques, preventive measures, and treatment strategies.

This fact sheet contains essential information on pressure injuries and ulcers, including:

Epidemiology of pressure injuries and ulcers
Factors in wound development
Care of vulnerable skin
Patient positioning
Preventive interventions
Pressure injury staging
Medical devices and equipment
Role of nutrition

Download Quick Facts – Pressure Injury/Ulcer Prevention to share with colleagues in your facility. The print-friendly format lends itself to posting on the bulletin board or handing out to your nursing staff at in-service.

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