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Quick Facts - Overcoming Wound Care Obstacles

Quick Facts - Overcoming Wound Care Obstacles
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Obstacles to appropriate wound care planning and management include inconsistent or technically difficult wound measurements, incomplete documentation, and unmanaged comorbidities, among other factors. Overcoming these obstacles is crucial to optimal wound healing.

Wound care begins with assessment, and technological advances can help wound care professionals determine a wound’s characteristics with great accuracy. This same technology can aid in monitoring of the wound and care plan throughout the healing trajectory, and it also enables documentation of wound healing in a consistent, standardized format.

This fact sheet provides valuable information for wound care professionals on resolving common problems in wound care. It describes the elements of wound assessment and specific technological systems and devices currently used for wound measurement and monitoring. The following topics are included:

Wound assessment components
Changes in the healing trajectory
Wound measurement techniques and challenges
Digital technology in wound care
Importance of documentation
Comorbidities and wound healing

Download Quick Facts – Overcoming Wound Care Obstacles for the staff at your facility. With its print-friendly format, it is ideally suited for bulletin board posting, as well as for handing out at your next in-service.

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