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Quick Facts - Continuum of Care

Quick Facts - Continuum of Wound Care
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Evidence shows that the multidisciplinary team approach to the wound care continuum improves outcomes by incorporating all aspects of wound management into a comprehensive treatment plan. As a wound’s healing progresses, clinicians should identify factors that may require the care team to reassess and modify the care plan accordingly.

The continuum of wound care encompasses all phases of wound healing and includes assessment of the patient and the wound, interdisciplinary care planning, and changes in the care plan throughout the healing trajectory. Advanced wound care therapies are implemented as needed.

This useful fact sheet provides wound care professionals with the essential elements of the wound care continuum.  The following topics are covered:

Proven benefits of multidisciplinary team wound care
Assessment and wound bed preparation
Individualized team-based care planning
Specific advanced wound care therapies
Least Common Denominator Model
Indications for care plan modification

Download Quick Facts – Continuum of Care for the staff at your facility. With its print-friendly format, it is ideally suited for bulletin board posting, as well as for handing out at your next in-service.

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