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Quick Facts - Complex Wound Management

Quick Facts - Complex Wound Management 2023
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Wounds predisposed to healing challenges are termed complex, and wounds that do not heal within an expected period are chronic. Most chronic wounds are complex because patients with chronic wounds usually have associated comorbidities.

With its emphasis on clinical practice, this fact sheet is a useful resource on complex wounds for wound care professionals. It contains helpful information on the various categories of complex wounds, as well as tips for management of these wounds throughout the healing trajectory. The following topics are included, among others:

Causes and types of complex wounds
Common pathogens in wound infection
Wound healing issues specific to the inflammatory phase
Topical products and advanced wound care therapies
Signs and prevalence of surgical site infection
Burn wound assessment and classification

Download Quick Facts – Chronic Wound Management for the staff at your facility. With its print-friendly format, it is ideally suited for bulletin board posting, as well as for handing out at your next in-service.

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