A Fact A Day – Moisture-Associated Skin Damage

february PA fact sheet cover

Managing the skin health of patients is a universal challenge for health care providers working in all care settings. Moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) is attributed to the prolonged skin exposure to sweat, urine, feces, wound exudate and other substances that can have a harmful effect on skin.

This two-page fact sheet was created to support staff education on the prevention and treatment of skin damage resulting from moisture causes, and includes:

An overview of the skin’s structures and factors impacting skin health
Category definitions for the different types of MASD, and key terms used in assessment
Quick facts on MASD prevention and early identification

Download A Fact A Day – Moisture-Associated Skin Damage and share it within your facility. This print-friendly format is perfect for posting on the bulletin board or distributing to your nursing staff at in-service.

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