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A Fact A Day – Debridement and Chronic Wounds

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Debridement plays a significant role in promoting wound healing in chronic wounds, as well as preventing infection. Determining the most effective debridement method for your patient is based not only on the wound presentation and evaluation, but also on the patient’s history and physical examination.

This two-page fact sheet was created to support staff education on debridement methods and includes:

A primer on the phases of wound healing, and complications associated with wound chronicity
An overview of the five main types of debridement methods: biological, enzymatic, autolytic, mechanical, and surgical)
Wound assessment strategies to support patient-centered debridement interventions

Download A Fact A Day – Debridement and Chronic Wounds and share it within your facility. This print-friendly format is perfect for posting on the bulletin board or distributing to your nursing staff at in-service.

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